Standard Urns

*Standard urn options are included in the cost of an ash return

Box MDF Urns

Our new standard urn comes in both Natural and Cherry finishes. Simple yet attractive, this urn can be personalized with a custom plaque at an additional cost.

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Small/Medium/Natural – $33.00
Small/Medium/Cherry – $33.00
Large/Extra Large/Natural – $45.00
Large/Extra Large/Cherry – $45.00

Sandstone Ceramic Urns

This hand crafted urn is available in a blue or beige finish and has an attractive textured exterior. It is an ideal vessel to hold the remains of your beloved companion.

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Small/Medium/Natural – $33.00
Small – $35.00
Medium – $45.00
Large – $55.00

Satin Pouch

This is an elegant alternative to a conventional urn. Your beloved pet’s remains will be held securely for storage or scattering.

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Satin Pouch – $21.00