Locket & Locket Urns

Classic Locket

A Memoria classic locket can hold two pictures of your precious companion. They can also be engraved on the back to your needs.

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Classic Locket – $210.00

Locket Urn

A Memoria Locket Urn can hold cremains, hair or any other momento. They can be engraved on the inside and on the back. They also hold a photograph of your precious pet.

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Locket Urn – $315.00

Murano Glass Pendants

Our genuine Murano glass is produced on the Venetian island of Murano. Our Murano Glass pendants and chains are rhodium plated 926 Sterling Silver and are available up to 24″.

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Murano Glass Pendants – $295.00

Pendent Urn

A Pendant Urn can hold cremains, hair or any other momento that one wishes to keep close to your heart. They are available with ‘Paw Prints’ or Plain and can be engraved on the front or the back.

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Pendent Urn – $229.00