Keepsakes & Memorials

Arielle Heart Urn

These signature urns are handcrafted using a sand casting technique. They are available in Ruby, Sky Blue, or Night Sky finishes.

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Ruby – $125.00
Sky Blue – $125.00
Night Sky – $125.00

Heart Paw Print

Beautiful heart shaped urns. The brushed Stainless Steel urn features two golden inset paws. The Pewter urn is finished with a single grey paw inlaid in the top. Both urns come in a decorative velvet display box.

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Pewter – $95.00
Brushed – $95.00
Stainless – $95.00
Raku – $95.00

Memory Glass

Keep your loved one’s remains close with a hand blown glass pendant. This is a very personalized pendant which is created with a small portion of the remains. Requires 2-4 weeks return time.

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Memory Glass -$150.00

Remembrance Stone

Whether placed on a desk, shelf, or in a special spot, your pet’s memory will be preserved for years to come.

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